Saturday , June 10 2023

Nobel Peace was killed in Immanuel


Dozens of Israeli troops had buses in several colonialist sector to Nabulus in the North West Bank. For a historic visit, it was attacked at many places and the Palestinian people were eliminated from the streets. At least twenty civilians were shot dead by riot police, gas bombs, explosive grenades and rubber bullet steel bullets.

Several army armies have been attacked near the tomb of Ahmad Streets and the tomb of the eastern part of the city. Dozens attacked the protestors and wounded 20 others.

Occupied by dozens of immigrants, several buses, and dozens of soldiers carrying robberies.

In addition to a number of vehicles and shops, the soldier had blocked gas and browser grenades after selling goods for vehicles and vehicles.

Ahmad Gibral, head of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in Nabulus, said: "Before entering the hospital, a young man made a laugh in his hand and another young man fired on his legs in live rounds."

Several Palestinians have been shot dead with rubber-coated steel bullets. Fourteen people had a difficult time stimulating tires. The PRCS medicine has received enough medical treatment.

In the news, an ambulance was transported to a hospital in the east of the Nabila area and an ambulance was forced to look for longer roads.

In addition, the soldiers attacked the Dahiya in the city of Nablus and the Kafr Khalil town on the eastern side of the city. Yasser seized the Syrus before entering the residence of Afif Arya.

The army was kidnapped by an unknown young man from the army by Ahmad Anan Mansour (19).

Patriarch is respected by Jews, Christians, Christians and Samaritans. The Jews enter the temple because Joseph is considered to be his last resting place.

The tomb is known as a local religious and social fervor for Sheikh Yusuf Dwight.

In the West Bank, the army has kidnapped two former political prisoners with Jesse. Five kidnappers in the North West Bank and five Palestinians kidnapped them.


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