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Notice of Sidzie's notice issued to Israel because of the fifth fever


Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Center for Doors Control and Prevention (CDC), Rubella) To ensure that passengers are given medicines in the country as per the Fifth Prenatal Report, which has been reported in thousands of cases since September,

Image / kpgolfpro
Image / kpgolfpro

As of November 5th, the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel reported 1,401 cases in 2018.

Among them are Jerusalem (838), Tasafat (219), Peta Takwa and Tel Aviv (89).

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Most of the cases under the age of 20 have been reported.

In addition, some of the reported missiles in the US are related to the environmental problems in Israel.

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The following passengers are advised to:

  1. Make sure you are completely vaccinated or protected by measles.
  2. People who do not show that they have not been vaccinated or are not protected are vaccinated before going to the United States:
    • Infants (6 to 11 months) Must have a dose of MMR vaccine.
    • Adults older than 1 year must have at least 2 mm MMR vaccine delivered at least 28 days after the first birthday or afterwards.
  3. Avoid contact with people with sickness.

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Measles is a disease that causes serious complications such as pneumonia (lung infection) and even death. Airborne spread through air, cough and sneezing. Dizziness, high fever, cough, urinary bladder, red, and cold.

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Measuring answer: too

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