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Oil markets are falling on low demand forecasts


The name is strength. Dan Balmer.

Thanks to the glamorous super-glitter glamor tradition of the new president of Middle East Business for Aston Martin Langdon, the favorite British car maker of James Bond.

"We've cooperated with Bond for 50 years, he's been our real wealth, but we have a team called Bond Bond.

Some of Aston's traditions disappear from the side and it applies to the entire company. Aston has been expanding for more than 100 years, but Group CEO Andy Palmer launched a "Second Century Strategy".

The upcoming company will be different, faster bois a luxury brand than manufacturers of toys; The portrayal as a central role in the Middle East will grow globally; It is both sustainable in both economic and environmental issues.

British actor Roger Moore is on the night of October 17, 2008 at a James Bond photo gallery in Blendch Park, Milton Keyn, near Aston Martin. (AFP)

Palmer's tricks are to get rid of this group from the boom and circular chakra. In the first century, it was confiscated seven times. Last month, he was dismissed from the initial public offer on the stock exchanges in London, the IPO. The value of the company was $ 5.6 billion.

Aston fast cars will continue to manufacture, but more fuel and electric will be. It's called luxury things. The apartments and speedboats are getting better. The luxury liner of the Aston branded items is next to the submarines and vertical take off.

Bond, high life and his love for high-tech presentations, perhaps even acknowledged strategy. "We do not see the brand going around – you do not see us hovering over and having umbrellas and consumers want to buy cars, because they want to buy beauty, we are now expanding to other areas," said Balmer.



Was born

1976 Southampton, UK.


Design Technician's Apprentice, Rover Group.


BMW Design Engineer.

• Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Asia Pacific General Manager.

• President of the UK is Aston Martin Lagon
South Africa.

• President of the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, including Aston Martin.


He knows about one or two things about luxury marketing and car design. He has worked for the Rolls-Royce in Asia based on Singapore. A new division that includes Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MEN) is now aimed at expanding the Austin Business in the Middle East.

UAE reflects the traditional Regional Business Hub reflecting in Aston in the area. Headquarters. But the headquarters have been shifted from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. There, inaugurated by Menett Headquaff last week.

Although Baalmer believes that Dubai's glamorous look is "something of the past", the UAE is expected to join the Austin film in the capital. "Aston has a relatively elegant look and how we look at Abu Dhabi, the capital of the economy, the big capital, the big Yass Island (the venue in the Grand Formula 1 grand prix this month) is the best place for motor sports".

Aston Martin DB 10, produced on James Bond Film "Specter", is on November 19, 2015 at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show at Los Angeles, California. (AFP)

Traffic racing is still a big factor for Aston, because not least, the roads that stand on the roads are helping to maintain their high speed image against rivals such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Select UAE sports cars.

Astronomer DB11 can be given in the second century strategy, DBS. ("A suit in a bucket" says the bull), the vantage, the Valkyrie, also called "overly aggressive" cars against the opponents of Italians and build a range of mid-engined cars to buy Porsche and Mercedes.

Saudi Arabia is among the collector's cars, like our Valken. But we need to keep the brand.

"We have pulled out of our conservative shell, these are track-based products, but lead to roads and real sports cars," said Balmar.

But very serious product is not going to come. For some time in 2020, it moved to the middle islands. The SUV is the fastest growing area in the world's largest markets. Aston has not yet reached the market. Like America and China.

The DBX is a luxury SUV, now the largest of the roads, with five doors and great lines. This overbridge is aimed at the family market, and over the decades seems to be the natural volatility of the SV-mad, the Middle East.

Balmer believes that he will be the biggest seller in that area. "We had no offer for this segment before, but he said the majority of luxury car buyers in the Middle East would be the SUV and that it was a weekend sport of sports cars.

The file is displayed on James Bond in the main hall of La Ville, Paris, as part of an Aston Martin DB5 exhibition. (AFP)

He expects DBX to be fabricated in Saudi Arabia. Aston has been working in the country for a long time. Long-term partner Hajj Hussain Alresa Group, Jeddah and recently Riyadh showrooms in Al Khobar will have a landing outlet.

But Saudi Arabia has not lived without the capacity of its richest population. The UAE, Kuwait and Qatar are in the rankings.

Saudi Arabia will provide more opportunities. If we consider the weight of wealthy individuals, there are more people who buy our cars. In Saudi cars, we build other beautiful cars like Vancouver and DBAS like our Valkane. But we have to keep the brand, "Balmar said.

"We need to do an education job in Saudi Arabia, for Aston Martin and new products, and the idea of ​​DBX may go to the Saudis, and that is the main center of ours.

Saudi markets are more conservative than the UAE, but Saudi citizens have a bigger market value than Saudi citizens.

Southwoods buy bigger rolls rosewood cars and appreciate the difference between the Bilmer motorcycle roll and Aston in luxury autorickshaws. "They are consumer-divergent, and those who buy Aston actually come to their cars, and they are" discreet ".

"Rolls are known to consumers and their cars, and they may have Aston in the garage, but they buy a Rolls-Royce-a statement – business use or a reward for life." Aston is more interested in passion and passion, "he said. Buying an ASTON in a reward is a huge amount or a cost to Amon. The average price is $ 175,000. Such a purchase can be easily avoided when personal financial situations are broken down.

In the Middle East, the economy is linked to oil prices. It is subject to change in the global crude market. "Vision 2030, for example, is a big change and good news, which moves away from the macroeconomic environment, but we will always have to depend on global economic forces. The world Of the other parts of the leads in many directions, "Ballmer said.

Financial Institutions in Italy and Kuwait The IPO was an opportunity for long-term transactions in Aston to make some profits in their investments. New shares were sold for pricing research and development.

"Our new plans have already been invested and there is no big money, we make a profit, but the IPO has a long-term future," Balmer said.

In the difficult global markets, shares were cheaper from day one, and included a list of the two largest investment companies – Merlin Lynch and Goldman Sachs. If they have enough value to include in the FTSS 100 list, Aston is the first 30-year-old car dealer in the main trading board in the UK.

There will be a victory for Palmer and the second century. But before Abaddy Granpry, Aston is yet another point of view. "We've got a lot of things for the race, but it's not successful," Balmar said.

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