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Palestinian Authority forces Arab League meetings because Israel protects relations with Arab states – Arab Israeli contradictions


On November 25, 2018, President Rivali met President of Chad Idris Debbie in Jerusalem

On November 25, 2018, President Rivali met President of Chad Idris Debbie in Jerusalem.
(Photo credit: Chime Zach / GPO)


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In light of the recent increasing ties between the Israel and Arab majority nations, the Palestinian Authority is pushing for urgent meeting of the Arab League.

"There is a series of Arabic and Islamic resolutions and declarations that clearly state that there will be no generalization with Israel without the solution of the Palestinian issue based on the Arab Peace Initiative and the decisions of the international community," said the Palestinian Niblil official. Harez.

According to the report, the PA is believed to be related to Israel's relations with Israel as a possible relationship with Sudan and Bahrain, while the Palestinian issue is yet to be resolved.

"We see in recent weeks – visiting Netanyahu visiting Oman and the President of Israel's Chad, and now we talk about relations with Bahrain, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. They raise questions of the question! So there is a need to clarify Arab and Islamic positions, "Continued in the picture.

"Israel and the US both exploit Palestinian controversy to move closer to the Arab and Islamic countries," he said.

Sudan denied relations with Israel. Sudan's ruling National Congress Party leader Abdel-Sakhi Abbas was cited by Turkish Anadolu Agency Service that the situation of normalization of relations with Suzan Israel is clear and it is basically connected to Palestinian cause.

The Arab League agreed that there was no agreement with Israel until the solution for Palestinian during the Arab summit in Dahran in southern Iran in April.

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There is a hope of a PA meeting for Chad Idris Debbie's meeting on the eve of Israel's historic visit on Sunday.

In the past month, Israel's relations with the Arab countries began to change. In late November, Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Oman. Last time when Prime Minister Oman visited, when Shiman Peres went to 1996

Herb Keane contributed to this report.

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