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Palestinians said that to support Arab as a Muslim world, the Muslim world is fighting Israel.


Israel is said to have relations with many Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa, which disrupts Palestinian authorities, who worry that support for their cause is scattered among comrades.

PA President Mahmud Abbas Senior Advisor Nabil Shat told Hartes on Monday that Razlah wants to call the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Crisis Session because countries such as Chid, Sudan, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia are moving closer. Towards Generalization with Jerusalem – Relations that resolve the resolution passed by two umbrellas.

"Many Arab and Islamic resolutions and declarations have been declared to have no formalization process with Israel without the resolution of the Palestinian issue based on decisions of the Arab Peace Initiative and the international community," Shah told Hathaz.

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In the Arab League's most recent summit in April, member countries signed a statement that promised not to compromise agreement without agreeing to the Palestinian issue.

Nabil Cheth spoke to journalists in west bank city Ramallah, October 1, 2011. (Repeat / Flash 90)

"What we are seeing in recent weeks – visiting Netanyahu's visit begins with Oman visit and Israel's visit to the President of Chad, and now there is talk of Bahrain and Sudan and there is one kind or another connection with Saudi Arabia – raises the question of the question and therefore the Arab And need to clarify the Islamic position, "said the author.

According to Israel's Channel 10 News Sunday, on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanahuas welcomed Chadian President Idris Debbie for the historic visit of the Jewish state, putting groundwork to normalize relations with Sudan, Mali and Niger's Muslim-majority countries. .

Debbie told the Israeli leaders in Jerusalem that he wants to restore diplomatic relations.

Other reports have said that Israel is also working to normalize relations with Bahrain, because while transferring the coalition in the Middle East operated by shared concerns on Iran, Jerusalem moves its momentum to create more open relationships with the Arab world.

Leader Nahuh has called for warming the relations between Israel and the Arab world, not only showing Iran as a common enemy, but also the interests of many countries to cooperate with Israel on security and conservation concerns and Israel's increasingly high technique. Industry

Last month, Oman welcomed the surprise visit of the Israeli Prime Minister, who indicated Israeli progress to improve relations with the Gulf states.

On November 25, 2018, delivering a joint statement in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) prepares to hand out a handful with the challenger President Idris Debbie. (Ronen Zulun / Pool / AFP)

During a press conference with Debbie on Sunday, Netanyahu commented that "there will be an appointment soon in Arab countries," without providing details.

Netanyahu said on Monday that there were recent indications for diplomatic development for Israel until there was no concessions to the West Bank settlements in Jerusalem.

In a public speech on Monday, he told his Likud group, "We are opening the world." "Israel is enjoying the unprecedented diplomatic development including the world and the Muslim world."

Leader Nihu asserted that the previous leaders tried to strengthen Israel's international standing with "dangerous relief including dangerous communities", which talked about the disability plan by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of 2005, in which all the settlement of the Gaza Strip was abolished.

"It has not happened – and will not – with me," Netanyahu continued. "We are getting the world's support, including many people in the Arab world, in our strong and stable place.

"We believe in peace calmly, we believe in a connection between Israel's value as a powerhouse of technological, financial, conservation and intelligence." "We will continue to do that, and in the same way we will receive peace."

While Chet noted that the stance of Israel's relationship with Ramallah's traditional supporters has not yet reached the level of full diplomatic relations, they need to "start a worrying process that needs to be stopped."

Carth was arguing that this regional development was a tram administration. Against the background of ongoing activities, the PA claims that Washington wants to separate more by encouraging several Arab and Muslim countries to improve relations with Israel. PA is boycotting the Trump Administration because he identified Jerusalem as Israel's capital last year and moved its embassy in May.

The PA official said that he hopes to convene emergency conferences on this issue, but admitted that most of the efforts of the regional authority are used in Gabbes to meet the issue of settlement between Abbas's Fata and Hamas terrorist group, which has long been a matter of difference

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