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Pandits Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE)


Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE) The exact reason for lowering stock investors is the reason why it looks like a bed of cough, but if you buy wrong stocks. On November 09, the Sensex fell by 87.87 points or -1.09 per cent to close at $ 79.08 a barrel on the stock markets. After opening the session of $ 79.79, shares were trading between $ 79.94 and $ 78.255. The price of the stock spread throughout the day. The market value of the company is 45.2 billion dollars. At present, there are 572 million shares. Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICSE) gained 9.09 percent market share in 21 trading days.

ICE stock has 3 years beta of 0.49, which gives a lower return return possibility. Each share of the common stake and the share of profits of a company is $ 3.16 for a twelve month period. In the 12 months, the stock price rose by 12.07 per cent to 19.46 per cent. The shares of the company are the highest rates in a year. This is the highest rate in the last one year. This is the 52-month low. The average consolidation rating of the company is 1.8. When comparing an encoded rating rate it is 5. In summary, average analytical recommendations call this stock a buy.

During the next 12 months, Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) would have to climb 8.55 per cent. On the other hand, they have increased prices by 92 months. This indicates a 16.34 percent increase in trading in today's trade. The average price for a 12-month period is 85 dollars. On Friday, Friday's closing price was 79.08 dollars against the closing price of 7.49 per cent. The lowest price for a stock is $ 73. The share price of ICSE today is -7.69%.

History shows that the intercontinental exchange partnership has increased in 19 different earnings days and the company's income will increase by 0.02 percent. Investors in the fourth quiz will be able to make more profits in the ICE Fisheries revenue on February 07. In the fourth quarter, revenue grew by 12.1 per cent to $ 1.28 billion. Revenue rose 23.29 percent to $ 0.9. Thomson Writers' Coordinated Estimates Expected That For 0.85 Dollars More Than $ 0.8. Better revenue was $ 1.2B than an estimated $ 1.19B analyst. This year increased by 24.1 per cent, followed by 10.55 per cent for the next year and 13.74 per cent for the next five years.

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE) Look at some insertion function and then see the pattern. The oldest trade was held on 11/06/2018. The Vice-Charles Apte has sold 35,000 shares in the company at an average price of $ 78.12. A total of 2.73 million dollars sales were sold. After this transaction, the Vice-Chairman's account balance reduced to 384.91. The stock price increased by 1.23 per cent after the indices. On 10/10/2018, Short Johansh H, General Counsel and Corp. Securities sold 6,000 shares at $ 75.73 a share. 454.38 thousand shares have been removed from the luck of the insight. The stock price was 4.42 per cent when news was made available to the public. This deal left 41.39 thousand shares of the general council and the corporation. Account.

On September 10, 2013 Vice-Chairman Vice Charles made a $ 2.63 million sale. For each sale of $ 75,0 each, 35,000 shares were dropped from the portfolio of insiders. On the other hand, the stock transaction recorded an increase of 5.36%. Insider now stands at 384.91. The Wassersug Mark, which made COO's job, sold at $ 7.9 as 614.39. The distribution was distributed on 09/17/2018 for a price of $ 77.79. From the date of reporting, 1.66 per cent stake has been increased. WasserGuez marks up 29.08% on the stock exchanges of Isan Stock, which is worth $ 2.3 million.

Stokes currently stand around $ 78.24 in the first support price. Following, the next support is $ 77.41. Until the time, the ICSE stock is at this level, and no bulls are afraid. & # 39; RCI & # 39; s in front of the oscillators. The daily chart reached 62.27. This may be a source of concern. If the price decreases by $ 77.41, then we may make more profits, and the stock may be even more weak. The market was at 80.78, up 79.93.

The Intercontinental Exchange Incorporated (ICE) stocks traded in a P / E ratio of 25.52 times over the past 12 months. The IAC has an average P / E of 27.57. Its P / E ratio went up to 16.47X low and above the 58-year high of 5 years. The price was 9.39 in the price-to-sales ratio. Compare this using the industry average P / S of 11.06.

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