Saturday , February 4 2023

Shamali: If elected, I will join forces with Ehad Barak


Running for Leader of the Labor Party, M. Itzik Shamuli said on Saturday that if he was elected leader of the party, then he would work to connect with former Prime Minister Ehud Barak's new party.

"The danger to the Labor Party is clear, it is responsible for the destruction, it is at the threshold of voting in the voting. The question is who can pull it out of ruins," said Shamuli. Petah Tikiwa.

"We need to bring many people back on the road and I believe that I am the person who is most suitable to do that. We have two challenges now: the first labor party is to be formed, and the second is to replace the government. The chances of block are to increase.

Regarding the possibility of linking with Barack, Shamily said, "The only way to put the Labor Party back on its feet and increase the chances of winning the block is by attachment." Barack and I have only one goal, which is to take revenge, the government. I'm getting along with Barack and others. "

Shamali also denied another connection between Labor Party and Tizhipi Livi, saying, "I will work to connect with both Barack and Lewis." In Aamir Perrez's statement that he would not be the number two in the bar, Shamuli said, "This is a statement that blocks the connections. We need to remove the ego and make the connections."

On the possibility of entering the government headed by Binyinin Netanuhu after the elections, he declared that "this is not on the agenda, as allegations against Netaji will be filed after the election." The leader of the Labor Party should not be given a wall against the defense.

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