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The BDS on the European tour came to the J-Vayar


November 12, 2018 by Mara De Vigawani – TPS

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Nesta Barcello's European tour to win the Eurovision Song Contest, starting in Vienna, is aimed at the anti-Israeli boycott movements, demanding "warm BDS welcome."

Photo of Eitan Elhadez / TPS, June 6, June 6

Barcelona, ​​invited to boycott Basco, Divestent and Sects Movement Barcelona. The 63rd Eurovision Guarantee Contest won this year's Lisbon golden toy. The Israeli government's efforts to override Israeli Palestinian human rights violations include this. . "

An article by the BDS Facebook page says not only is Israeli joint-stock company Barzillah and Israeli representative as a cultural ambassador not only and has been clearly assigned to Israel's reconstruction work. "

The NET Tour begins in Austria and will continue in Switzerland and Germany and France. Will end in London on November 21st.

In September, Lane del Rey, Edan Raichael, Asaf Avaidan, Batsvy Dance Company took action against Israeli artists and supported the decision of the Molins de re municipality. With the pressure from the anti-Israeli anti-terrorist movements, Spain's Catalonia has spent a week in a waterpole contest between Spain and Spain.

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