Monday , August 15 2022

The head of the Palestinian Police in Hebron was suspended after Israeli soldiers helped tire Palestinians


Colonel Ahmad al-Rabi, head of the Palestinian Police in Hebron, was suspended from the job after the Israel Defense Force's confirmation of the tire was changed.

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The picture distributed on social media networks shouted at the Palestinian Authority and the senior police were disturbed. General Haseem Atala, head of the Palestinian Authority, decided to suspend investigating officers on the incident.

The incident took place at Susayya village in West Bank on Sunday. The Israeli soldiers were patrolling there when the vehicle stopped because of a flat tire. The soldiers applied for help and provided equipment to al-rub. When the soldiers failed to change the tire, he did it.

The al-Ruby's picture of the Palestinians captured on the site leaked online and within hours became virus-free. Palestinians commented on the photo destroyed the poor and its security officers in the blast.

An inquiry commission has been formed to conduct an inquiry into the incident. Police spokesman Lui Zirkat said in a statement on Thursday.

They are using some to attack the Palestinian people and condemn their officials. They stand around the clock to secure the security of the Palestinians, "said Serektu.

Many times Palestinians have called social networks in social media to criticize the security coordination between Islam and the Palestinians.

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