Friday , August 19 2022

The March Day Day Balloon to illuminate Jewish unity programs in Jerusalem


Messi's Tangixi'i Day Parade will arrive in Jerusalem for the sake of sight. An event that unites Israel and Diaspora Jews.

Wayne Gerrburg, World Israel News

The massive balloons of the world-famous Masi Paraye, traveling through New York City, thanks to each and every Thanksgiving, were the first night in Chanco between Israel and Diaspora jury, Ynet Reported.

The Disco Affairs Ministry of the brain, parade "Together – Walk With World Juni", is one of the biggest events taking place in Jerusalem. Legacy is a child-centric vacation. So late families overrun the bad climate and exclude a large crowd.

Floats will be showcasing big giants, with a class of classic cars. Members of the local Japanese basketball team will be part of the festival.

With the New York parade, "Frozen" will also have balloon of bulls in the Mulli Mouse, Anna and Elsa from the other cartoon characters and the malling bands. Several stars, including international pilgrims such as Matisyahu and rapper Nechi Nech, will perform musical performances at the walls of Old City at the Sultan's pool.

Based on Tel Aviv Beat hapfoot – This event will include a museum of Jewish Museum and World Jury.

Robert Boawas shoots 11 people, hoping to advance their membership in the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, who suffered the worst semitic attack in American history. On October 27th, a synagogue near the town of Scarl Hill.

Parade is the world's largest day of congratulatory day of traditional mass, launched in 1924. Dance dancers, superheroes, and other children's pictures are dancers in 2.5 hours of dance halls, March bundles, clones and other performers in Manhattan homes. Winter In New York winter, millions of people participate every year.

Parade Petisburg of the Semitic Antivirus Journal Unity

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