Tuesday , December 7 2021

The Sabinist union activists are set to install an anti-submarine hubby square


Zionist union activists start a submarine at Habeeme Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's murder case,
German Investigation Department probe into crackdown on Israeli acquisition of submarines and roads from Germany
Six of the PM's followers.

With the nine-meter long flag of banners attached to the submarine, "the country is immersed with Beeba".

Those who went through the square were reminded that the main concerns were the main Netanyahu aliens, "the official statement of the Zionist Union said.

Establishment of a submarine at Habeeme Square in Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

A submarine is mounted on Habeeme square in Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

Alon Wisser, head of the party's field officer, said that in the present circumstances,

They will see corruption and depth in the submarine, as the present-day Netanyahu comes to the government to awaken the people of Israel, "he added.

Soloist Union Chairman Avi Gabb told reporters through his official twitter account. The party's field activists said "100 per cent is true".

"Police conclusions indicate that Netanyahu is a loser leader or corrupt politician, and no third option … time to work," said Gabby, referring to a mark associated with the installer.

Building submarine at Habeeme Square (צילום: מוטי קמחי)

On Thursday, Israeli Police announced that there were enough evidence to arrest 3,000 people.

Six senior leaders, former senior IDF officers and prime ministers of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Attorney David Shimron,
PM's personal advocate and relative; Former deputy national security adviser Brig. Jen (house) Ariel Bar Yusuf;
Former Navy Commander Major General (Reserve) Eliery Marrom;
Former Minister and current chairman Keren Hyasod, Eliezer Sandberg;
Former POO bureau chief David Sharon
And Brig. Jen (re.) Shoe brush.

After the police announcement, Attorney David Schimeron said: "I'm not happy, but I'm not worried, at the end of the day, it's not the police, but the decision is going on." I'm not going to do any crimes and I believe this case will end. "

Police investigated 3,000 cases of purchase of three submarines and four robots for German submarines ThyssenKrupp for the Israeli Navy.

Establishment of a submarine at Habeeme Square in Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

A submarine is mounted on Habeeme square in Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

Suspicions about bribery, fraud, betrayal and scrutiny have been questioned by public servants and businessmen who have been accused of transactions in senior citizens and senior officials in 2009-2017.

Also, on Thursday morning the statue of Minister of Sports and Mirror Regev
Snow White at Habee Square was placed at a similar location.

The statue of the Regev, wearing a white dress, stands in front of a large mirror reading "in the heart of the land".

Statue of Miley Rigi in Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

The statue is placed at Tel Aviv (Photo: Moti Kimi)

In 2016, he installed the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and worked behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's golden statue.

Referring to the statue of RJ, the artist explained: "One can do something, do one thing, let people think about the meaning of my work. Some people are angry, some people realize it, and my job is to give a comment in public."

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