Wednesday , June 23 2021

Video – Teachers and teachers in the Hebron Check Post reached the Israeli army

Hebron: Palestinian students and teachers were prevented from getting into the primary mixed school of Khorbaah.

The local sources said that students and teachers should not be allowed to enter the Herbran City Center before entering the Al Shuahda Street checkpoint.
Each student and teachers were asked before the entry into the checkpost before entering the school.
The students and teachers are refusing to photographer and insult. This led to more than an hour of crossing into the Israeli army.
In the last week there was Israeli army Attacked Dozens of uninterrupted Palestinian school students And Principal of the same school.
Palestinian residents of the old town of Hebron face daily a large Israeli military presence. When entering several streets, there will be 32 regular regular partial checks. The Westerners are not allowed to climb the Al Shuha street. Houses and houses are closed in the street. Some parts of the old city are not allowed to walk in some roads. Meanwhile, Israeli immigrants walk freely in the streets, drive cars and take machine guns.

The following video shows Israeli soldiers to not let their students and teachers cross their checkpoint:

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