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Why will not American airlines fly in from Chicago to China soon?


American Airlines will not start flying again from Chicago at any time. This development took place after the American requested the frequency between Chicago and China. Keeping in view of adverse market conditions, American airlines have decided to return the allocation so they can go to other airlines.

American Airlines
American Airlines will not be lagging in China any time soon to Chicago. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines Chicago to China

Earlier both American Beijing and Shanghai flew from Chicago. On the surface, it looked like the best roads. Businesses and leisure travelers were not only due to their native origin and destination markets, but American centers in Chicago will allow American Airlines to provide connections for travelers traveling between the United States and China. Unfortunately, the road was not operated and American Airlines suspended in October 2018.

AA 787 external
American Airlines suspended service from Chicago to China in 2018. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines noted the unfavorable market conditions while suspending flights from Ohio to China. However, they do not give up their rights on American frequencies. Instead, they want to keep them inactive so that they can resume the flights when the market conditions are more favorable. The United States Department of Transportation was a long time. As a result, they allow inactive airwaves to American Airlines, although they want to add new services to other airlines in China. Now, that inactivity apology has expired and the American is returning the slot allocation.

AA Cabin
American people lost many money with empty seats on their planes Photo: American Airlines

Flights between the United States and China

Currently, flights between the United States and China have faced regulations and frequency restrictions. As a result, in an effort to defeat competitions, airlines jockey for some cities and its routes. China is a emerging aviation market and the airlines wants a slice of this extremely attractive market.

After American was announced they wanted to suspend services between Chicago and China, Delta and United both leaped and proposed their new services between the United States and China. In the Delta case, they want to add a new flight between Minneapolis and Shanghai on the Airbus A350-900. Delta believes that strong hub-to-hub connections are available, they can work this flight. This will represent the first nonstop transpographic service between Minneapolis and China, and supplement their services from Minneapolis to Tokyo and Seoul.

Delta A350
Delta wants to add new service to Airbus A350-900 between Minneapolis and Shanghai. Photo: Delta

Meanwhile, United proposes a second daily flight between their hubs in Shanghai from Newark-Liberty. This flight will be operated by 777-200 and returns to United and United in both morning and afternoon from both Newark and Shanghai. Thus, in addition to capturing the United Native and Destination passengers, it will be able to take advantage of the heavy connecting traffic. In addition, the United States strategy strongly argues with China.

United 777
United has proposed an additional daily flight between Newark and Shanghai at 777-200. Photo: Tom Boon / Easy Flying


This news is interesting because recently the US has started to partner with China Southern. However, China Southern is mainly outside Guangzhou and will not be very helpful for American from Beijing or Shanghai. Simply put, American flights to Chicago from Chicago to China can not be done. China has achieved heavy competition in Shanghai from Eastern and United flights. His main competitor in Beijing was also the United Airlines.

Interestingly, there are many direct links to OHER International Airport in China. China Southern or Air China descends from Ohr and except for United, any other heritage carrier flies between & # 39; Hair and China. Meanwhile, Hain flies between Hawaii and Beijing.

It would be interesting to see that Delta and United receive their frequencies whether the American has given them other carriers to farmers.

Do you think Delta and United will launch new flights to China? Will America return to China? Tell us in the comments!

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