Saturday , September 24 2022

Woman fighting cancer for the fourth time brings friends and family together


When it comes to fighting cancer, it is good to know that others are fighting with you.

Mickey Adams, mother of cancer patient Eli Adams, says, "This is Ally's fourth cancer now, she has made us wonder."

"Today we are getting many people together so that they know that he is not alone and we look after all," Miss explains.

Ellen cancer was diagnosed in her mouth for the fourth time in November 2010.

Morgan Welch says, "On that day I saw her post on Facebook, she had cancer, I got her mom's grip." Morgan Welch says that the idea of ​​bringing the Sock Valley chapter to Elina home.

"We're all going to make Ally Smile all today," Ms. commented.

When she was two, Elaine was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. L-Frozen Syndrome – When she passed through brain cancer after a single genus passed by her father, Eli was the only one who had changed her entire life in battle. Syndrome can be passed from generation to generation.

Ali is again ready to fight back surprise with his family, friends and Pink Hills. The group's goal is to promote cancer-stricken women and their spirits.

And with friends and family, it is clear how many battles the fight alli, she will always support.

"This means that I am the world that many people are behind me and love me and hope for the best," he says.

In December this year she will expect her first child to say that she can never imagine children. She had surgery in her mouth in February. This process involves changing his jaw and his tooth part from bone to his foot.

If an alien donates and donates his fight with cancer, they can donate to Aedona "Circle K".

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