Sunday , August 7 2022

Yash Adid chief lapped secretly to the owner of the leading Israeli newspaper



Meetings are held while Yer Lapid was finance minister from 2013-2015

Chairman of Israel Yel Lamped Owner and Publisher Nethanewa Newspaper Jediaan was Aaron When Laafid was finance minister, Israel's Channel 10 Reported on Friday.

Meetings were held at Arno's "Nooni" Moss House on Friday morning.

Lapid's meetings with Moss are Israel's largest daily newspapers, circulation and sales.

Yesh Atid responded Channel 10 Lapid Moses is reported to have met, but meetings are not normal.

"During his period, editors and publishers of Israeli media institutions, including Yair Lapid Moses, Sheldon, Miery Adelson, Ron Ladder and Eli Azar, saw the statement of the party.

From 2013 to 2015, Israeli Prime Minister served as Minister of Finance in Netanyahu's cabinet.

Lobby worked as a contributor Jediaan was Aaron Before entering politics and establishing Yashee Adid.

& Quot; QUID PRO QUO & # 39; with Netanyahu In March 2018, Mossis was investigated. The newspaper would benefit from more favorable news for the premiers.

"Case 2000" and the Israeli leader and his close relatives, friends and other investigations are regarded as prosecutors. The accused, Netanyahu and Moussa, have been accused of the Israeli bribery case.

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