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Yeshiva Deen mange al al apologizes or face heredi boycott | Jewish Press – Jewish | David Israel | 17 Kislev 5779 – November 25, 2018

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Rabbi Shomal Bear Sorotzin

After a public storm on El Elni's flight, after the invasion of people filled with Athens, an intense message was sent to El Alan, after the Atrets Shlomo Yeshia's day, Rabbi Sholom Bear Sorotzkin, who was on an infamous flight from Israel in the US. Calling on Herod's public to choose Sorrogate, the second airline, who has begun apologizing to the carrier on Sunday evening.

Aetate Shlomo is a Lithuanian Network of Torah Institutions, which includes about 40 organizations in Israel, which include large Jesish, Jesish High School, Talmud Torah and Kindergartens. Rabbi Sorotzkin's predecessors Ehroon Jude Leebeat Shatinman and, he can get the eligibility of long life, Rabbi Chime KNewsy.

Rabbi Sorotzky gave Elle the final step given below: "I have come to announce that after the negotiation, if there is no apology on Sunday evening, unfortunately we will have to fight among the holy people to choose other airlines."

El Al refused to respond to threat.

At the beginning of his letter, Rabbi Yoseph Sorottky wrote: "For my plot, it has been a week since the event that the entire Torah observer was being swallowed up to see what the public had not done."

He continued: "If on Sunday evening, without any clear excuse regarding the above violation, and without any clear and clear explanation, the issues related to the public have not been issued, unfortunately we will compel the work in the sacraments to choose other airlines to choose Do not reduce the people who do not discriminate between at least people, are precious and holy to God's people And will appreciate their principles. "

Last week, Rabbi Sorotzky complained that the L.A. flight crew used it: They had convinced him to go to the PA system with a peaceful message that the flight would take only nine hours and ten minutes, and the plane would take oil in the aviva. 3pm But when that plan changed, the crew never made rigors to update it, and made it guilty of misleading guides.

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