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A nurse, aged between 7 and 9, suicide and commits suicide. Find two letters


The nurse kills one of the females between 7 and 9. Find two letters

With a vaccine he took the lives of his children. A 48-year-old nurse Marisa Charière, He was killed – according to the first police findings – 7 years after the children took his life. The incident took place on a night in the Aiyailas Kendra, a few kilometers away at the Alayaeas village Açaí: Veranda's husband was not at home, she saw the dead bodies. Shock, he is psychology.

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According to the police's first reconstruction, a nurse in a hospital in Asta used the drug taken by the drug. And in the same condition itself killed himself.

Nine, seven, and Vivin were the first to die, and died due to the potassium used in the United States. Finding clothes, pajama. Two bodies were lying on a sofa bedside, and they were located in the backstage of the lower floor, in the study of the house. Instead of lying on the ground, the mother's body remains.

Before killing and taking children, the woman wrote two letters "Life difficulties can not bear». The girl was in the car with a car before the 18-year-old girl. Her husband, Oswaldo Emperor, returned home and was admitted to a hospital with illness.

At night, Carlo and Investor were examined by the Eperier family and the chief inspector of the mobile squad, Asta Elenora, at the police station in Kogenne. Mission to perform coronation activities

"The country was scared, it's a tragedy, but it's too big, very painful". Amarillas mayor of Lyarena Pete leaves the incident with tears.

"It's hard to explain and explain – he continues – I do not have words, I have a lot of pain, now the whole family is surrounded by this family because all of them ask us, this is the invitation I call my community."

A few hours before Marisa Chrére was "cool and calm" before she killed and even killed children. This is to discuss how to exchange work messages with some women nurses. The woman was in duty at the Cardiology Department. "We have nothing to say," the nurse on the phone says.

"I do not know if she is upset, she did not give a warning, but they should never quarrel." "She was a model family, very close, do not disturb, children often go on a bike in the courtyard, go to the hills, cross and ski."

"At midnight, I heard chairs, crying, and crying, so silent I thought they would play, and then some time later, Oswaldo went home," says Reita, a neighbor of the emperor Zimon Raitano. "Oswaldo, her husband entered the house and saw the scene – he remembers – and then he went. He said, Marisa, Marisa killed her children and shot herself and killed her! They could not pick it up. "

He is currently in a hospital in the mental hospital section of the hospital in Aosthe. He acts as the agent of Valle de Asta Forestry Corps. The mother of the Marisa charior had a disorder. The hospital reached the hospital today.

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