Wednesday , January 26 2022

A strategic shooter inspired by bioShock and system shock


At the start of the X018 stage, the Fan Fest in Mexico City was launched Unusual basters, A tricky scenes inspired by bioShock and system shock a new shooter 2. Plays temporarily Xbox One.

Can he lead the prisoners of the Valleys through thousands of accidents that have been abandoned and driven into disgraceful prisons? Where do you go and decide when to make the right decisions? In Unusual basters We will be called to restore the control of ships, redeploy supplies, and create tools to overcome the enemy. Our virtues are for finding the most appropriate approach for all situations.

Inspired by BioShock e System shock 2, Voice Bastards only comes to the Xbox One Telkophil like a new IP. This title is also available in the Xbox game catalog from the launch.

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