Wednesday , June 23 2021

After hacker attacked the courts: "Change your pc's password"

"Change password immediately". Roberto BaldoniaThe head of the Italian cybercrime in the cabinet is very clear. The consequence of the very serious cyber attack reveals 500,000 approved e-mail boxes has been addressed across the country as a result of a violation of a service provider's servers. On the basis of first and partial investigations, hackers identify 98,000 people in the Interim Committee for the protection of the republic, which include masters, army, CISR personnel, justice, interior, defense and ministries. Foreign Affairs, Economic & Economic Development, President's Cabinet and Delegate Authority.

After hacker attacked the courts:

Attack and violence. The attack began with cyber criminals launching a preemptive email service on November 12 and informing the authorities immediately. Hackers. Bldoni, who has been in charge of the technical structure for seven months, has confirmed the cyber crisis in our country. Cyber ​​crime is the first citizen to take over the responsibility of deputy director general of the Council's Presidency Security Information Department. He said: "We live in an even more complex world, relying on data, reacting to the damage and reacting to it by preventing the damage, which is a great exercise for all systems that effectively cooperates with the structure of the COD (Interventions Subordinating Operations Center), the kinipik (Center for Anti- Border Security, The Security of Critical Infrastructure.

At a press conference, I did not want to tell about the deputy deputy of dis, "digital trasher", the attached Telco (Symmetry Telecom Data Center), the Operating System or the security measures stemming from criminals. But, "He said the attack was to come from abroad, ulpadippikkunnillennum loss of a service provider, peke reached Italy in the area of ​​data ninnallennum. Pekum to be forwarded to the administrative documents used by operators in the various sectors, circular, service orders, rules, notices, fines and 30,000 people Lppetunnu.

After hacker attacked the courts:

Who is at risk. E-mail boxes violated by passwords imply trick the authorities, provide fake instructions, or lists of journalists, ministries, magistrates, and political officers for the purposes of political conspiracy, military and industry. In the worst case, Credan's theft was the last stage of the attack on certain institutions. Paramilitary groups in the former state or para-state actors, famous Epti and Rog states, are similar to those found in the recent Japanese fishing industry by the Yo Finkentari task force. However, it is not clear that certain organizations in Italy are still able to achieve such a goal, since the automatility is still lower. For whom, coming from an official, who faces an order, who should order him or assault a hierarchy if the array has a confirmation.

New government guidelines. But this incident was known as DC "terrifying." "It was basically an attack based on violence". For this purpose, premiums existed Gisez conde The Technical Conference of the Security Intelligence Committee of the Republic was held, eliminating the possibility of a resurgence after a cyber attack, for a study aimed at increasing the "back" of the country's system. A meeting that decided to take immediate action. The first is that the general governance of essential services is to take special security measures to protect the financial operators. The second includes the contracts for the purchase of ICT products and services that will benefit the influence of national security; Finally, the National Assessment and Certification to ensure the quality of property acquired at last.

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