Wednesday , May 18 2022

After Paulo's farewell retirement, Michelle Ramsossotti, with Gabrière Mussonou


Separated from her husband is only a week later Paolo Versio, Michelle Ramasosoty Another director is associated with the company: Gabrielle Musino. Both of them have been immortalized by weekly paparazzi Today Soon after the divorce news broke out between Ram Joto and Viri in a romantic pub in Hamm. The relationship between Mccino and the actress seems to be an eye-witness: In a video, she enters the masked room and then converts her face to face.

Michelle Ramzozoty, Polo Versi, and two daughters were married for ten years. But news is spreading that they stayed for only a few months. Instead Gabriele Muccino, sWith Angela Ruzo since 2012. The director said he had previously married Elena Maconicki.

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