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All exhibitors of the contestants

All the performers of the X Factor 2018 contestants, joining the unpublished fifth live show. XF 12 waits on Thursday 21.15 in Sky Uno (channel 108, and digital terrestrial channel 311 or 11).

Fifth Live Show of X Factor 2018 Eight rivals performed with their own unpublished, which was first introduced to the people of the arena. The evening was divided into two hits and at the end of each, at least the voter opponent was sent to the final voting. We have seen eight performances of X Factor 2018 singers. The first group of contestants: Renza Castelli has played with his first release in the run-off. Luna Mellis, Who presented the song produced by Big Fish "Los Angeles"This song is a text that represents a lot, talks about its decision and its relationship, because her boyfriend lives in the United States. With unusual safety for a girl of her age, Luna gives a full show to the audience, But also guarantees.

Renza Castelli It is the second to release its second release, "English skyline", A pure song written by Boforo and Seyzar Chyodo for him. The exhibition is always interesting and elegant, but the judges also comment at the end, Renza is still very set, always full of singing but not very emotional. Unfortunately, television But punishes him and sends him into the poll.

For the third display Anastasio, Which brings to the stage of the arena that gave everything to the song, "End of the world", Was completely written by it and that auditiones had already hit everyone afterwards. This song is slightly educated in the second part of the text and has been rearranged to make it more useful. Text power and Anastasio's communication power once again attract the public Is there.

The final work for the first group is Sheryl Dos Santos, One of the candidates for the final, who presented an unpublished title "I did not have you, but I lost you"This song is very important for a girl of Cape Verdean, because she has a relationship with her father. For this reason, the show seems to always be perfect but it is more realistic and the feeling of ultimate liberation increases the spirit.

Second group of competitors: Naomi Revocio on voting For the second group of competitors, the first is Nouveau Revives, which won the runoff last week. FedEz group singer introduced a song in English, "Like rainWritten by FortuneTo Zempagyllon, Sridhar Solanki and Sylvia Sesana, Naomi's voice is the most beautiful and exact one of this version of X Factor, and the influence assures all four judges. Unfortunately, it considers the public less, who sends it to the final voting .

This Bowland It is the only group in the race and it is considered one of the great reports of the program. His publication is completely made up of him and his title is "Do not stop me"Saeed, Green and Pageman, all three people of Iran, have conquered everyone with the first show, thanks to the artificial and attractive voice. Despite the" western "and less foreign atmosphere, unpublished even the abyss were abducted. All three are ready to win the audience in Europe. Is there.

The final rival to present his unpublished Leo Gasman, One of the most discussed in this version. The young son of Art, however, was successful in imposing himself with his personalities and his unpublished name was "Feathers". The original presentation comes on the show day of Leo's twentieth birthday and all the judges.

Martina So Many The last to go on stage and with the song in the audition, which is already on everyone's lips. Let's talk "Cherofobia", A passage written by Martina at the age of 15 and suggests significant constructive maturity. The influence, piano, and voice are complete, and judges and audiences are on its side.

Final ballot Renza Castelli Fifth Live is abolished The final voting is Renzo Castelli and Naomi Revisio. First represents its workhorse, "Wait a fool"By Bob Marley, who does the guitar.

Naomi Revicsi Try to make it with the song presented in the audition, "Bang Bang"By Jesse J., Ariana Grande and Nicky Minaj.

FedEz does not decide who will leave the program between the two competitors and ask his teammates to go to Tilt and people will make a decision at home. Television gives Naomi awards And so Renza Kastely has abolished the fifth live.

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