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Ami revolution, here is the hybrid tractor


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Very powerful, but at the same time, growing and energetic Environment And Safety. Let us briefly summarize some of the innovations offered by Ima, an international exhibition of the agricultural equipment in Bologna.

In these, that Hybrid tractor Off Carroll AgrigaliaThe federal unicamine was awarded with the technical novel 'Ami 2018' and 'Blue Ima' Award.

Experts say Future tractor, Environmental and economical. The name "hybrid" is intentionally abandoned in Italian, the project was developed by Campoderigo (Padua), Rovigo R researchers, R & D Carroot Centers, 100% made in Italy.

At the level of technology, a new truck represents an actual transport in agricultural mechanization of special tractors. In fact, at a convention, 105 HP machines are similar, but it is a complex parallel architecture. The Endomeric Engine And then Electric motor That is, they are used for automatic propulsion through traditional transmission. Combination of two motor vehicles can improve power supply across various machine tools.

So, within Closed buildings, greenhouses That Electric mode; In Road Transfers Or without a heavy weight / weight loss Diesel onlyYou can choose the mode when the gun is loaded Hybrid.

The new hybrid system reduces emissions (full power), maintains the quality of the crop (low due to carbon dioxide), low volume and vibration standards, increase productivity, reduce consumption, and reduce maintenance costs (due to decreased endotermic engine).

On Sunday afternoon, Eima International recorded the number 43. Visitors reached the quota 317 thousand, 11% more Compared to 2016 Foreign Operators – more than 50,000 15% increase From a program where 1,950 exhibiting industries from 150 countries participated, a total area of ​​375 thousand square sq m.
"Our federation and Bolona Ferdin's great success – announced by President Federico Unakamma, Alessandro Malavolt – above all, an area of ​​agricultural mechanics enthusiasts that are surprised at their technical level and entering into a collective imagination as a symbol of progress and civilization. "This will be discussed again between November 11 and 1520.

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