Monday , August 2 2021

Art for Asotope Epotainment shock in the benefits of pediatric singles

Art also comes in support of Aesop. Artist and Professor Giordano Montrosei, donates to Casa de Fasta, head of the Islas Healthcare Support Association of Modena, who defend their healthcare, aimed at preserving and supporting Italian healthcare and medicine. After 30 years of association, treatment and hospitalization for almost 30 years, committed to supporting families of cancer survivors. Giordano Montrose is not new to donate to hospitals and voluntary organizations. His work, mournful of aptema, is not easy to understand, he wants to spread intense and sudden emotions, in fact traumatic, and wants to remember the beauty of life in the dark moments.

With the interview in the video:

– Erope Bugney, Chairman of Esope Onus

– Giordano Montrosi, University Professor and Work Writer

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