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Bad weather, 10 victims in Palermo province. In the Casteldaccia, two families destroyed the river in floods


The fury of water and fury brought 10 victims to Palermo, nine in Casteldaccia and a vicar. In the area of ​​Casteldaccia, in the Dogali district, a house was flooded with flooding water. Two children, one and three, and a 15-year-old boy died. There were two families in the house for a total of 12 people. The landlord, Giuseppe Giordanoand his niece shortly left the house before the tragedy and rescued them. Only ten survivors of the ten in the house survived by climbing a tree.

The tragedy was caused by heavy rains and the flood of the Milicia River: the house was overwhelmed by water and mud, which did not leave the two families. "It was beautiful, my heart was gone." The tomb of pain, while Giordano pierces in your head, who has lost his son and his wife from the tragedy of bad weather.

Bad weather, 10 victims in Palermo province. In the Casteldaccia, two families destroyed the river in floods

Victims are grandparents with two families of children: Rachel Jordanone year; Federico Giordano, 15; the mother Stefania Catanzaro, 32; my grandfather Antonino Giordano, 65, and his wife Matilde Comito 57; the boy Marco Giordano, 32, and her sister Many Jordan, 40; Francesco Rugò, 3 years, Nunzia Flamia 65 years. For the relief efforts, he created a crisis unit of the Prefecture of Palermo, co-ordinated by Prefect of Antonella De Miro. On site, the operation of the operation of divers is the firefighters.


Bad weather, orange alarm on Sunday in 6 regions. Veneto "apocalyptic situation"

"I heard the dogs bark about 10:30." "I told my husband to see what was happening, opened the door, and the water broke into the house, and I immediately got my 39-year-old daughter, went to the car and fled." – says Maria Concetta Alfano, which the villa is a short distance from the tragedy.

Andrea Cardinaleher husband is still in the pajamas. After returning to Palermo, a call came from a friend who told him the tragedy. He switched on the TV and heard the first news. Then he went back to his car and returned to Casteldaccia. "The water came up to the car's cover," he said, "he was able to pass the motorway with a hair.It was flooded by the water.That I did not know the victim.I came back to see what happened to my dogs here for four years on vacation and nothing happened I did not know there was a river close.

"It's a terrible tragedy, Milicia is a small river with very limited watercourses, never posing a threat, and Casteldaccia was not too rainy day," he said. Giovanni Di Giacinto, The mayor of Casteldaccia. "It's a river that was born in Ciminna, apparently sudden floods suddenly surprised people in the house," the mayor added.

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Tragedy is also in Vicari, where two people have been leaving a joke since yesterday: one of them, Alessandro Scavone, 44 deaths from firefighters have been found. The other missing, Savior Dave, 21 years old. fortunately they were found alive. Scavone and Dato Amato, one of whom is the owner of the local gas station, went to a third young man who was isolated in the same distributor and who rescued himself with the car.

Fire departments, police and carabine doctors in Corleone are still under investigation, Giuseppe Liotta, A 40-year-old man from Palermo, where he lives, came to Corleone to serve in the village hospital. His car was on a stretch from Ficuzza to Corleone.

Dramatic lessons in Palermo

Last night, dramatic classes took place in the province of Palermo between Villabate, Bagheria, Altavilla and Misilmeri. The train was derailed in Cammarata. No injuries between the five travelers, allow regional civil protection. But Aggrentino also had a lot of discomfort due to the San Leone River Akragas flood.

In the province, panic moments appeared between the mother and child's disappearance between the Ficarazzi and Bagheria. The woman and her daughter were stuck to a tree. In the area, floods take place in rural areas.

Firebombers arrived between Villabate and Bagheria, coordinating with the prefect's relief center coordinated center on Friday.

In Misilmeri, the river Eleuterio was flooded. In many districts, including Piano Stoppa and some residents of Risalaimi, climbed to the roof of their home. In particular, firefighters took part in a series of operations to save people, even those with disabilities, trapped by their homes flooded by their homes. Three teams participated in the Altavilla, Casteldaccia and Ficarazzi settlements.

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You run Akragas in Aggrentino

One day with passion in the Aggrentino neighborhood, late at night, the San Leone river Akragas flooded. Ten families have been evicted, but the number is expected to rise in the next few hours. The promenades and the houses are flooded in a few minutes. the next few hours will be more. The train came out near Cammarata, on the Palermo-Agrigento train line. Five people on board who would not be injured. Another train stuck in the mud on the same railway line.

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