Wednesday , May 18 2022

Battista reveals the display between some competitors, Dasha: & # 39; s a vital area & # 39;


New location for news Big brother VIP, Realty show by Eliere Blassie [VIDEO] Channel 5 was telecast every Monday. Focus on the latest news Maurice Bautista And Dasha dervy. If you reveal that there are gods in the Roman character Cinecitta's house Unattainable seedsStefano Zala's girlfriend has written a critical post in Keneli 5 program.

Mauritius Battista unveils the background of the Fashists final

Maurice Bautista After his retirement in the Big Brothers Whip, he participated in the debate.

Roman hypocrite, in fact, that there will be gods Unattainable seeds Within the Cinecittà House. In detail, MauroZo gave an interview on the interview "All Time Dal Kaza". He was there Reality show Because, according to his statements, some competitors will come to the final. He named the names of Stefano Sala, Benedata Mas, Gliu Salemi, Francesco Monde, Silvia, and Gliía Providé. [VIDEO]

Batista believes in short It's a conspiracy Do not miss each other. He also spoke of unfair utterance Alessandro Sachechi Pavon, And it serves to keep the program alive. Although he is a good boy in Eli Fongaro in the end, though he's a closed person.

Big Brother of Dasha Devi attacked Wip

If some of the Mauriso Batista's gif wizard unveiled the strategy, Dasha dervy Wrote one Controversial post On social networks against writers in the channel 5 program.

In fact, editorial staff is not zero. This model was made artificially by artificially made between Stephen Salah and Benedetto, his fiancee. "Unfortunately, Television: this is a distant ".

In detail, the Ukrainian model believes Stephan will never deceive her And never again advising young opponents to keep appropriate behavior in order to avoid unnecessary controversy. In the meantime, following the advice of Tash, they have become very hassle. In the meantime, in this hour, Elena Morally feels guilty that she does not accept the confrontation with Salah before killing herself, assaulting Ukraine. Who do you know if the dish interferes with JP VP's new episode? We need to wait for new developments.

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