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Big Brother Vip, Friction between two contestants in the house: "You are M ***"

Big Brother Vip, fighting between two contestants in the house: «You're M ***»

Voltage for stars Big Brother Vip. In the final of December 10, more than two weeks, the souls are temperature and the first fight in the "faithful" group also starts. The circle becomes tight and between young tenants comes the maratha. In fact, oral battles broke out in the house and blew loudly: «you are» But let's go in order.

GF Veepe, Sylvia Proveny cried before the final: «I do not feel bad anymore»

Hot War opponents, Andrea Menardi And Julia Salemi. Everything would have been joking. Walter Nude and Giulia would have had an analogy between painting in a cave showing a manardi and horn figure. Then Julia took food for himself and Nude, and the chef would have replied: "Ah, so you care for Walter. I continue?". At that time the Influencers would have gone on rage, were heavily assaulted: «Do not STR ***, who you are. He convicted me because I got food … ».

Not happy, Julia will fight against her: «How Mama Sour Sour HomeriTouching I am now joking with you. I thought that you are my friend. When I'm joking, you misuse my betrayal to blackmail me. You used my faith in a moment of weakness. "And Maynardi answers:" Do you know that friends dishonor things? See that I never say anything. Give me some corn ***Use my girlfriend and my daughter. You see »

Francesco Monte, Who would have looked embarrassed on the scene, would have threatened Ghululia: «I do not like how you behave. You change the face. When you're tired and maybe it annoys you, you change your face. If you did not notice, you were not kidding. " Last updated: 13:57 © Reserved reconstruction

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