Thursday , May 19 2022

Black Friday, the origin of the shopping party and the progress of Italy


A shop window is Black Friday (lapus)

Rome, 14 November 2018 – Il Black Friday Waiting for friends Shopping. On the day of using discounts and offers of all types of products: From clothes to air flights.

Black Friday – This is a custom Imported from the United States It is in the middle of a day Thanksgiving and Christ. It is celebrated every Friday Thanksgiving Day & # 39; (Thursday 4th Thursday) Also, the class of Christmas gifts has been officially opened since 1932.

ITALY – If the idea of ​​spending an hour before shops and cash desks is not anxious, black Friday In Italy it is primarily online purchases: From Amazon to eBay, passing through Salando.

In 2017, the Net Year purchases increased last year Off 33.46% As compared to last year. During the last year of Black Friday, traffic on eacomer sites increased 78% Compared to three followers in the last three weeks Cyber ​​Monday It was an increase 40%.

Most Selling – There are technology giants at the top of the two most useful brands from two days Apple and Samsung, And not only Nintendo Soni Their consoles also.

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