Monday , August 2 2021

Black Friday was made by smartphones from a third of the 2018 purchase

Black Friday was made by smartphones from a third of the 2018 purchase

Shopping from mobile is never as impressive: Black Friday was made by smartphone in third part of the online shopping of 2018. Yesterday, the preliminary analysis of the pre-Black Friday sales was already done, but now Black Friday 2018 data is official: Adobe Analytics analysts have decided that a third online sale (33.5 percent) has been completed on the smartphone. This smartphone sales have shown a significant increase compared to last year, when they were 29.1 percent of online sales on Black Friday.

Last year, more than $ 2.1 billion in the United States was sold, which was $ 1.4 billion last year's Cyber ​​Monday record.

In comparison to the year 2017 (with 6.22 billion dollars investment), 23.6 percent increase in the Black Friday sales increased the number of online sales by top smartphones: On technical days, the road was opened on Black Friday, while accessories and consoles changed the attention of users just days back.

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What is the pressure to spend on smartphones through smartphones has not yet been defined. There are several components: the mobile shopping experience has improved, bigger screen phones offer more enjoyable product viewing and shopping experience.

Black Friday, after 2018, has become crazy by putting things on consumerism – let it be known that the growing number of people is always ready to leave the PC and they prefer smartphones even when they are important to buy.

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