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Boizon Suonna, Femizide: kills his wife and attempts to commit suicide


The 47-year-old man pulled out a 42-year-old man with a plastic bag. He hugged his veins and tried to keep his own life. The incident occurred on Friday afternoon in the Sona area of ​​Bonasana.

The Peruvian origin Rosana Karin Sentinho (Anska) alleged that Peruvian Ansa was murderer. But he was telling the patriarchs and the police.

Adolescent children when femisside walks – who are playing in the garden – man said, "her mother is in a sleeping room."

The bleeding was found in a very serious condition when the man was taken to the Santo Coronavas hospital in Savona. But life is not in danger.

No children of 10 and 12 years of age will pay attention. According to the report, Ansa will hand over the agency to the man's sister and give him a psychologist.

"They have been married for ten years and they feel happy and can not explain what happened," the girl's brother told ANSA. "Of course they have made up the case of all couples, but I do not think anyone will ever end, and I do not know what to think, now think about boys."

Investigating officers say there will be no action against the couple. This confirmed by a neighbor, saying: "This was a helpless couple, there was no mention of a similar act."

Mayor Reetha Oliver, and Councilor Zou de Crescenso also came into the family home. "A couple who lived without contradictions, let's call us" normal. "Now a tragedy, my thoughts are for children," mayor said.

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