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Casitare di Ada, Amazon Sourcing Center inaugurated: 400 new places – chronicle


The Amazon Center

Casitade d'Anda (Berga), 31 October 2018: The Most Waiting Day: Today, It was so Inauguration Something new Amazon Logistics Hub DKazaret d'Ada, In the province of Berga. The new center announced in January will be expanded to 34,000 square meters. 400 new jobs will be generated in the next three years. A site that supports small and medium-sized companies that help strengthen their sorting and delivery operations in North Italy – a note informs you of the company's distribution network that decides to sell their products in the Amazon. Products that purchases

"Inauguration of a new consulate site a In the case of Amazon's growth in Italy, Eight years ago, we started working for the first time, "said Tarique Rajajal, head of the Amazon Transport Commission for Southern Europe." This year, 1,700 new jobs have been created this year. A total of 5,200 employees get a regular job ".

Amazon invested a billion euro 600 million euros in 2010, creating 3,500 new jobs. By the end of the year, it will become 5,200. In 2011, Castell San Giovanni distribution center was inaugurated by Amazon's first logistic site in Italy. In November 2015, Amazon served its city of Amazon and its city distribution center in Milan. In September 2017 Amazon Distribution Centers began trading at Passoor Kores (RI) and Vercelli. In the past two years, a soying center in Castell San Giovanni and Orbito, Branscoso (TO), Origgio (VA), Rogoredo, Buccinasco (MI), Borgo de Molgora (MB), Crespellano (BO), Calenzano (FI), Vigonza (PD) , Pomezia (RI), Fiono Romano, Rome Magliana (RM). In November 2017, Amazon transferred its corporate offices to Milan. The port is located in the Nuova district of the 17,500 square meter. There is plenty of storage space behind it.

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