Friday , August 19 2022

Cass Magherini and Cassation give three carabinerais


The Court of justice Three carnivorous culprits of murder have been excluded Ricardo MageriniThe 40-year-old footballer, who died in jail in the French city of Flanden on 3 and 3 March, 2014, The judges of the Supreme Court "The fact is not a crime"In this way, the Supreme Court canceled the sentence for the criminal offense committed by the Appeals Court.

Deputy attorney general of the Supreme Court Felicata Marinelli All the appeals have been called for to reject Guilt For three agents ages 8 to 7 months. Marriet's judges were of the consumption of cocaine and the pressure of the lungs. In that, he also had the temptation of carabinierism. For the general sentence of the Supreme Court, Karabari Vinzonzo Corniche was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment and Stefan Castolónano Augustine della Perta was sentenced to 7 months. The family's lawyer Fabio Anselmo urged the man to recognize him.

According to Kabineri's defense, which represents the Française Marocaka, "There was no clear indication of what had happened to Maghariny's carbinaeree, even for lung hazards, and it was necessary to stop it in an emergency, and the police did not understand what was the right time.".

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