Saturday , July 2 2022

Chromonini sings "Mammamide # 25". Robbie Baggio appears


Roberto Baguio, the Cesar Cremonini Institute

Roberto Baguio, the Cesar Cremonini Institute

"Baggio will no longer buy … more Sunday" "# 25 JAMEL CYCERRE SURREININI SINGLE BAGOINISE GAUSINI – A lyricist who has never seen any secretive admiration for Divine Kaddinick, has seen 7,000 people to attend the concert of the former leader of Padua, Roberto Baggio. From Before tackling the balyakalasankalpam (played bageagea bealganayil, the artist stands aside from the group, and Edit). Maraccuvaccilla the joy of this meeting Instagram Cremonini. Bagiyeayeayumeatt embraces this submission, posting the picture: "Magic football songs, poetry, imagination and the real numbers in the Champions manaviyatayum 10. Thanks to Roby: 7000 Sort of day, night, And one will sing to you. "

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