Thursday , June 8 2023

Closing time on the Alitalia and Offers. The sound of the return of the Luftantsa track


While the Germans in Lufthansa return to the track, the government is in touch with the FS, which asks for yellow tar. However, the deadline for repayment of 900 million bridges will expire on December 15th. Economic development, Dario Gary, has been proposed a few days ago and the possibility of further expansion is not eliminated. The company aims to pay cash and sell the cash. But the path to the path of salvation is getting closer.

From the day they arrived in October, the company's inspectors are looking for suggestions for unusual commissioners such as Luigi Gubitozi, Stanfano Paleri and Enrico Logini. The commission should complete the job by next week. The report should be forwarded to the monitoring team. Which, on the basis of this report, will express its opinion that the discusory decision on the subject of special discussions will be open. Fees SPA, EZJET and binding offers offered by Delta Air Lines are in the list of commissioners. After the end of April, Lufthansa's last offer was not revealed by the end of October. When German colonies closely close this game and meet with its management and Infrastructure and Transport Undertaker Armando Siri, it refuses to go back to the track. But when the agencies requested, the German company had "no comment" at the office. Carsten Spähr recalls that the same document, mentioned in the end of October, was: "We are not ready to consider an investment with an Italian company, we can only imagine a commercial partnership," CEO explained, as Lufthansa was interested. Alitalia renovated ".

Whether the presence of the country through the railway is a hindrance, it can be seen that meeting with Siri to resume a conversation with the government is a good indication. However, the rules for the FS have been prescribed: when developing an industrial plan, it is necessary to develop and identify private and institutional issues. Because the role of the railway should be the Aggregator Dhruv and the minority partnership in the final administration.

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