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Crayton hurricanes, wounded and wounded Videos – Chronicle

Air Thrombus (frames from YouTube) in Croton
Air Thrombus (frames from YouTube) in Croton

Kreuton, 25 November 2018 – A whirlwind The area of ​​the coronation in the morning Destructive Effects, They count Different trees and wounds have been wounded. The most serious situation occurred Le Spig Shopping Center, With very serious damage Unions warehouse Where the winds literally cross the building to clean the outfits inside, Heavy lifting devices. Damage to nearby superat supermarket and car dealership

Bad weather, Maxi trees on Pontina: missing

In the area of ​​Pasoquiçon, storm area affected by shopping centers. There were customers and visitors Garbage hit by a fire The wind is thrown away, like pellets, and they report minor injuries. There are scenes of panic.

One of the injured people Visumer injuries reported, For which it was necessary Intervention of Hospital Doctors Croton Customers who were in the outer area of ​​the purchase themselves concentrate themselves They had to flee to the sheltered area. Damage to the car in the parking lot. There is also a strong wind Some public lighting poles hurt And road signs

Before The second tornado was broken Among the municipalities of the Botriesillello and Cropna Marina, Between the province of Catanzaro and Cretan. Several trees were cut off along the 106th state of Ioniania. Wind power has broken the roof of some buildings and damaged the greenhouse range. Many applications for help came in the Provincial Command of the Catanzaro of Firefighters, which were collected to implement the necessary interventions. Gases of wind capsed power cables cause a dark outbreak.

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