Monday , May 29 2023

"Do not stop Sayy – never say"


He was awarded the 2018 Golden Bench Award Antonio CondeIn Italy it has made some statements in future. It was definitely a feeling of his failure to sit on the bench Real Madrid: "He is waiting for the start of a new season as my standard trainer and not riders in race madrid, Real Madrid"Who knows what his future will be?"I would like to wait till June and start a trip with a new team. I had no need to go back to training, so I continue with this idea, but in two months I change my mind. I'm laughing (laughs).

It should not be excluded from that, Lexus can now return to the effort Serie A: "Of course, Italy is always happy because of Italy. The problem is that our football level is emerging, indicating that Junusus will increase the gap between others. Of course I'm fine in Italy. I want to go back to work without being abroad abroad".

It is in the word of the head and in the heart of technology National: "I was a Councilor Commissioner within two years. That is why I always remember it with great passion and great emotion. We were two beautiful years, very intense, especially in the European Championships that month. We left something because we had so much love towards me, we had the passion and enthusiasm".

On Mancini: "The national team are at the start of a new lineup, and I believe Roberto is the right person to start this path. I see many good guys, the last two matches have good football in Italy and waiting in the future hopefully. To end quickly, you can not quit: "We are always talking about Italy and we need to have some patience when we know that we are always respectful when the games arrive. The failure to qualify for the World Cup was a fierce blow. But we do not look back for the old days, but we are trying to put something beautiful.".

Comment that can not be commented Juentus: "The tendency of the juvenile is not much more effective. Because this is the result of unusual activity by Beyonce, coach, and players. It's not surprising me. The fioro, created by the biannery along with other teams, is important for other teams to move on now. Finally, a surge in arrival Cristiano Ronaldo Turin:I'm sorry that Jwetus has come now. I had strong players to boast my time".

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