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Dragons: Spread increases if EU policies challenge

"Increased risk for shock absorption in high-risk countries increases their likelihood
These freeware are independently produced by questioning the laws of the archives of the European Union
An economic infection. Until now, spread increments are limited in the first cases. There is less infection among nations. "ECB said
Mor Drag in a speech at the European Banking Congress in Frankfurt. "These developments are translated into terms
The real economy has more control over bank financing. By taking some initiative borrowing up to this day
Expansion of banking expansion period is also important
In most countries, bank loans will move to historical longings based on fixed currency deposits.
Highly deprived countries do not have to do more to boost their rate of housing and business
Their debt and all countries must follow the rules of the union. "

At the last meeting in October, the Governing Body agreed to continue unchanged
It predicts the rate at current levels in December and December of 2019 and up to the summer of 2019. However, the monetary policy is closely linked.
Data too If the deficit or deflation of liquidity becomes worse, it may be an order
Is the road that's designed for a rate increase »
In his speech Drakhi said. "The nature of this forward guidance depends on financial developments
So it acts as an automatic stabilizer. No financial or cash flows
If the inflation and the consequences of inflation are getting worse then our "activity" will be properly defined. This
In addition, it has to reflect in the setting on the route intended to raise interest rates ".

"I would like to hear – ECB president – how it continues The economic and financial union is becoming more and more urgent At least not least, it always pushes me in my lectures for the sake of economic justification and preserves the production
European. "" Prepare my last talk – he said, again read the lecture I gave
In November 2011. Then I said that I would speed up the process of financial crisis
Strengthening a Money-Union … The work that has been done since then was not yet completed. The
At the beginning of the banking union, the Banking Union completes all levels including risk reduction and the start
Capital Markets have now become a question of taking advantage of the beginning of 2019
Eurosone crisis seven years ago urged the first step in the management of the crisis. Emergency today
We do not apply to a financial crisis that we faced successfully, but it is the best response to the threats
It is addressed to our economic union: the threat to those threats is only a matter of great Europe. "

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