Tuesday , August 16 2022

E3 2019 will not participate in the Sony fair


That's the end of a period, of course. What concerns at least? Sony And Playstation. The Japanese giant will not attend a few hours agoE3 2019Since 1995, Los Angeles is the next major video game in the world.

Sony is looking for new creative opportunities to interact with the community enrarteynmenrin Interactive – Game Informer, the company explains microphones – PlayStation fans mean a lot we do, we always want to innovate, to think, to try new ways to attract different players Daylami. As a result, we decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. The new ways explore new ways to engage in our community next year, and we want to share our plans for you.

In recent years, a real cool shower for fans in the "bandwagon" of Los Angeles, Spir-Man, Horizon: Zero Donne, The Last Of Us 2 and more are worth the bomb ads. Like many other publishers, the zones have always achieved special attraction in the Los Angeles Festival. Think of the eternal struggle Microsoft For those who have presented Sony in the best, most interested, "explosive" conference. The next challenge that can not be repeated.

A pre-created one already created by Sony, the company said it does not wish to organize an annual event that fans mention for, Playstation experienceIt usually occurs in the first two weeks of December. President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Shawn Leyden It was not a matter of presentation because the company did not consider the appropriate thing to organize this event.

This means that PlayStation 5 will not announce the next year, as expected, another event (or moment) in E3 2019.

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