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Ericsson: By 5th of 2024, 40% of the world's population will reach


Latest version ofErickson Mobility Report It has interesting data that allows tracking of mobile market trends in the coming years and the development of telecommunications infrastructures. All of the information is out of it: by 2024, mobile data traffic records and 5G network proliferation forecasts.

5G: 1.5 billion subscribers by 2024

Ericsson estimates that 5G Coverage Can reach out By 2024, 40% of the world's population And at the same time, in the frame, The 5th offer will have 1.5 billion customers. Network Infrastructure Revolution will be started from North America and North East Asia, in which the main operators in the markets will activate the first 5 services between the year and the half of 2019.

In European market You have to wait for 2019 To activate the first subscription related to commercial 5G offers, however The real rise in the industry will have to wait till 2020According to Erickson estimates,

In a nutshell, 5G will start from 2019 and 2020 will be the year in which the 5G set will enter the market. At this point, the third-generation chipset will be introduced and a large number of devices will be available.

In 2024, 5G mobile connections will introduce a landmark percentage (about 17%) compared to the full installed base of mobile subscribers, up from 7.9 billion subscribers to 8.9 billion in 2018. 5G can go down as cellular technology with the highest penetration rate in history.

Mobile traffic, record growth in the last 12 months

In Q3 2018 increase in mobile data traffic by 79% Compared to the same period last year; It's about it Since 2013, the highest growth rate has been recorded. Northeast Asian markets, especially China, are driving forces.

In the amount of information downloaded on mobile devices, the video is considered to be responsible and occupies the leading role: Ericsson provides that Mobile data traffic for videos To increase representation will continue to increase at the rate of 35% per year 74% of all mobile data traffic in 2024.

Data traffic used in social networks will increase by 24% every year in the next 6 years. However, the number of related shares is increasing (about 8% from 11% to 2024 in 2018), definitely due to the popularity of the videos.

Cell connection for IOT devices: 4.1 billion in 2024

One of the other notable data contained in the report of Ericon Estimates on the development of cellular connections Required for the operation of Iot Devices: It is estimated that 2024 will be 4.1 billion, of which 2.7 billion will be active in the North East Asian market; The estimated annual growth rate will be 27%.

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