Tuesday , August 16 2022

Google and Night function have fallen into pixel 3


Google is restarting itself New smartphonesNew York and London were introduced in October from the beginning of November Night function This utilizes the capabilities of the camera, even in difficult circumstances Without a clear shots without a halo. It's the update to the Google Camera app, not only for new pixels but also for a previous generation. There were only a few in Italy.

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The new smartphones are Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

New ones Pixel 3, pixel 3 xInstead, they are available in our country using tools from the authentic toilet in the range. The first, smaller, 5.5 inch full HD + display. The second is 6.3 inches with QHD + resolution. He was definitely awarded an Old and an independent studio led by a dimemate Rating A +The highest.

The New night photo mode It changes everywhere in the user and surrounding environment: whether the smartphone is in the hands or placed on a sustainable surface. Using the maximum intelligence – utilize a neural network – before the shutter-release button is pressed The camera is a natural fingerprint before the hand («motion metering»)That is, we have to take that photo. If the phone is stable, the scene turns off, it will take longer to light up the sound. On the other hand, there is a motley wobbles or scene in the smartphone, night photo mode halos will capture less light to reduce blur, and use small exposure systems.

Moreover, the update will be available for all pixels, so instead of 3, 3 XL, instead of taking a single light, Black but sharp images cover the same amount of light into a series. Especially up to 15 frames in 6 seconds. About an update of HD +. Joining A clear and obvious shot can be born and raised. How to use it Simpler, this is the phone that it recommends: If the user tries to take a picture in low light, Pail will suggest using the mode initiated. You can activate it by touching or managing the operating system. If the shutter release button is pressed, you should continue if the operation is not complete.

It is not sufficient to deal with the same synthetic intelligence solutions The colorsNight mode mode gives color to shots, so they are natural: an algorithm trained by thousands of shots dismisses unusual information. The correct white balance.

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are mounted on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and a photography compound, as seen from the last update, helping to perform extraordinary performance. On the other hand, the pixel has always been a strong point. Rear camera 12.2 MPx with a hybrid stabilization and F / 1.8 aperture. The one on the front is ideal Group SelfieInstead, it will open a double 8 MP pixel sensor and increase f / 2.2 f / 1.8 respectively. When a complex scene is immersed, high definition zoom for better motion or hint, for example, among different features of artificial intelligence, in terms of movement. Again, "Kogli l & # 39; attimo" means that you can create a laugh or boring expression, and when you do not touch yourself without a shot, or the grout mode that is already mentioned is 184% more than a group photo.

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How to make the best autumn photos with your smartphone

Pixel 3 is available in three colors: one of them is an interesting "Not pink"They are very simple and funny pink, black and white, and they have their traditional design: aluminum and glass shell with two different finals, handy on the side of the hand and a different spot. Face releaseThere is a fingerprint reader behind it. 9Pay, the latest version of Android, is available in two memory cuts: 64 or 128 GB. The first is the 899 999 euro, the measurement of XL 999 or 1.099. One of them has a relationship with € 79 Pixel standSince it uses the home hub with a large wireless charger charger, it integrates BigV's virtual assistant.

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