Wednesday , July 6 2022

Grillo, After the rental presentation, we improve the health design


"It's time to reorganize the postgraduate training system for our health", blocking the assumptions that have been closed since 2009: the health ministry Giulia Grillo wrote it in a post on Facebook.
"We all need a great sense of effort and responsibility, that will be an improvement to both the health staff training and the overall health care system overall – and adds – we will be able to have our discussion in the coming weeks. Mainly, MIR, Public Function, ME. The draft amendments to the ministries associated with .F, also include all the pillars, on which system doctors Patients, regions and universities based organizations, will I know that everyone of them is responsible role in the process ". Regions said, "Regions are trying to put patches in the way they can, but I am sure that the improvement should be national, as a minister and doctor cutter, I guarantee a high-level, uniform training on everything." I want to do everything in my power. The national sector is aware that even if the road is more complex, it is the one that will bring good results in the long run. ”The minister explained two principles that inspire reform.
"First of all, citizens and those who find themselves, in spite of themselves, in the emergency room or in another crisis situation, and second, we must guarantee a level of training at the national level, we cannot allow ourselves to be there in different parts of the country. Different route.
For this we must commit ourselves to a constructive quality based on the content of the content, not on the bureaucratic delay that paralyzes the country; Doctors have to become more and more autonomous in the health systems, now more than in regional states. Lakham universities will be increasingly integrated with the well-trained to become an integral part of the network. & # 39; We need to act quickly "because the system says for it, it will be an epic reform that I want everyone to write together, but we have to take responsibility and make decisions at the right time. The right to the health of all citizens depends on it. I'm ready. "

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