Friday , June 18 2021

He plays a doctor, and 22 years later he finds out

Sololia almiri New Zealand woman name For 22 years he has practically used the profession of mentally retarded, At a hospital within the National Health Service, Great Britain. The woman who utilized some of the laws in the 90s and the poor restrictions there at that time prevented women. The woman was fired after she was found. The culprit.

The fraud of the woman was found after the relatives of a patient who was undergoing treatment had filed a lawsuit against him. In Scotia's Alimenti alone, only 22 years have been working illegally He defamed the will of the patient, Affects dementia, On the subject of the tradition of the subject £ 1.3 million worth of pounds

To find out that he was not a doctor, his curriculum was enough to analyze the sale. And that he has never graduated from Sololia Aleemi, He studied only in the first year of the university.

In the reconstruction of investigative officers, the woman In the 1990's, a doctor can be registered with a doctor's register Medical graduates from some Commonwealth countries, including New Zealand, will have to examine their knowledge and obtain registration without examining their medical registration. For more women, that was the issue The controls are scarce So no one ever checks the data you've provided.

After the corruption that affected English health, national service was decided Check all records of 3000 doctors and all documents Those who joined the doctor's register using the same law of the day.

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