Monday , May 16 2022

Hi stan! – The last greeting to the smile


The 95-year-old Marvel University's great architect died.

Dear Stan,
It is not easy to write this letter.

Of course, you do not know me, but like many other people, I know you. In the first of the seventies I named your name in a publishing house registrar, a swimming bottle called editorial corono, after which a radioactive pig was drunk and called herself Spider-Man. At that point, I realized that you are writing stories. You call yourself man. I said, Oh, this man, this Stan Lee is an imagination! & # 39; And then only the first one, I've seen some extraordinary characters, I've seen two skilled designers, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditco.

Wondering, I explained the subject. In addition, I also read about a master of an expert who was expert in magic, and then a blind man who acted like a devil and terrorist crime. And then a strange orbit, sorrow and depression, even flew to a surfboard. They were not there because the skyscrapers were four strange men in Italy, a top doctor who became a strangely corrupt northern deity in the ground. And of course here, thank you, you were participating in an unusual narrative ground.

You changed my life without knowing it completely. The possibility of the expression of the term "camic" not only understood me but also helped me to imagine myself. You have come against me with bitter snakes. I was not healed now. From your childhood to adolescents, your creative inspiration is evident and shaped. For example, a hero may be a man, and I know the person we meet the day, the friend, the co-worker, and the neighbor. The value of a hero is not the ability to succeed in his essence, super authority, or an opponent, but in his justice, courage, self-denial, and harassment. You may be able to hate David Boovy, and you might have expected every single day to be heroes.

You definitely knew this before the White Duke. You have the courage to face the problems of the magical sixties and the major issues when you are responsible for the Maracan revolution. American society is common in Western countries. When you created memorable episodes of silver surfers with BC John Bassema, you made me think of the horrors of racism and war. Amazing Spider-Man's & # 39; Drug Issues & # 39; You always warn me of the dangers of drugs.

In addition, I realized that your other great merit, all humans, above all are human beings. They are not alienated from a broken, invincible, unseen planet or rich plopes in the country's villa. No, your hero was like us: they had school problems, problems with girls, heartaches, and all kinds of problems. There was no superhero with super heroes. How important was this formula, how amazing it was, how advanced!

In short, what to say I, and many other readers around the world, we owe more to it, and we'll always be with you. Every year, when you stop writing, especially if you become the Stone the Men, your soul has always been, and in the front page of all the old books, Stan Lee presents the word. They told you many things. Who knows whether these statements are true or false. You're probably making everything as one claimed. Maybe you are not a saint (but I wonder: Who is really a saint? We all are imperfect and fallen).

But do you want to know something? I do not matter. Judge thou in all that thou hast given me; You have helped the comics in an extraordinary world, even annoying and annoying millions of people outside the comic context. This is important. The controversy.

Now you go. Not at the low level. But actually you still have to. Every time I open a marvel register I will remain. Your essence, your soul, your vision will ignore the pages of all magazines in the IDEAS Church. Readers recognize them and you will stay close to us because you are always one of us.
Now I want to imagine you at a higher level in the presence of Jack and Steve. Perhaps you are not brooding in the old variations. You're thinking about some extraordinary characters. You'd say Jack Steve's explanation. Where the angels and spirits find your imagination, and become the Marvel James of the heavenly bodies.

I have an obligation to write here.

Thank you all.

Hi, Stan.

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