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"I'm thanking Serei A. Anseloti in Brasilii? Amazing person"

Allan. Lapresche

Allan. Lapresche

"I live a dream". Alan will not be pleased with CNN's decision. The title of the Brazilian National Team to call him. Silvano's assistant to the Commissioner of Green Technical Commissioner received a choice. Never forget the first time, midfielder admits: "It is one of the most important recognitions I've ever made in my career since many national championships as part of a national team, making me the best at this point and promoting my progress to make me better here now."

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Alan, who had gone through the road seven years ago, left Vasco da Gama in Italy. Siriyekkay reached thanks to him: "After another seven years in Italy, udinisum napilasum, I tried to experience difficulties, even in the most mature. I, Second purappettatupealeyan from Brazil. And now experiencing a great enthusiasm for this high-level group. Samipakalannalil, selekkeayute all kutticcerkkalukalilu I expected itampitikkumenn the list, which I think is an amazing feeling. So, I am sorry to see my name. Because, I said that Brazil was a lot of quality players in the world. So, in my dream, I will have to pay more than the opportunity to learn. I finally met the team members on the list, my family, I celebrated a lot of time to watch. Achieved the highest score of all the players. Now it's a start, I expect ghattamanennan ".

Allen talks about moving to Zarrie from Anseloty: "We made the sari at 4-3-3. I was mediocre, but now we're 4-2 to two half by Ancelotti, but what is always a matter of importance, whether an anselmist of Ancelotti or a player who wants to work Coach us Hayikkatte, always sound, the entire group and its vasattanenkil, you have a little more praksubdhavumuntakum Closed.

Finally, he commented on the possibility of meeting him with the Italian national team: "I've read about this topic on the Internet, but I'm not tagged and I'm not talking to myself in the Italian federation."


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