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In the 4 sets they beat Citizas Alex D Minaura


Stephen Citizas, 20 years old Webdunia

Stephen Citizas, 20 years old Webdunia

The Australian attempts to defend the demon, but the new Greek god goes up. In 2016 Bonfiglio Trophy (under 18), Stephen Citizas returned to Milan with Minver. After the first edition of Korean Hiroy Chung, the ATP Finals will welcome another important character in Salmette and will be able to tell it to the greatest of 2018. But tomorrow another move will be taken. The most difficult, it leads to the slam names. Yes, in a hyper-technical constituency founded in Rho Fair in the week, Stephanes defeated Rafael Nadal, Barcelona and Toronto in a one-year high on the opening of his first ATP tournament in Stockholm.

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After a difficult start, the Greek normally begins to appear, even in an emergency defense phase. Third set tie-break breakthrough In the fourth season, Trophy had won the title but lost to a couple of goals in the second game, 2-4, 4-1, 4-3, 4-3, an hour and 40 minutes. In addition to winning, this X-shaped trophy that expresses this event, has a bonus for winning winners without losing a match. Monetary donation of $ 407 thousand. An image that is better than any technical explanation, because beyond the experiments it used, the Milanese program was not a demonstration. "I have some amazing memories in the city-CitySpeaking after the conquest – the success of Bonfilillia in the next newest app finals is an incredible success, now in Milan, I live in. I'm playing Alex and I've been twice a chance to win the crown. , Hate it Zhe, I still tried to shut down, mentally saktanakki me. "" I hope to move to Milan from Finland .Like the next year, and I thank you for the line judges (and not) in London, so you can come here again in the top 10 ".

A second edition ended in the competition. Despite a lack of a show like Canadian Dennis Shaplow, a peculiar generation of people showed more than it was presented at the Festival of 2017. Around 3,000 tickets are 3,000 preferences. It was 12 months ago (from 22000 to 19). Rafa Nadal can advise you from the third place in the list of great talents like Andre Rubelov or Jayam Munar, without reindeing the two finalists to discuss the possibilities of the Royists in the Roy region. Anyone silently, not only on the ground, but also the fastest cement. But even those who did not qualify for the semifinal, as Americans think about Thiyo and Fritz, there is a lot of time to build a major career. But there is something to be remembered about Italy and Liam Carnavas, one of the most beautiful points of the week, a backhand diving to the jealous Boris Becker.

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