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JiangCorro broke Amacarrelli and Jen Alexander / Video: "I'm waiting to see you!" (Whip brother)


After fraud Jane Alexander Dwelling in the house Big Brothers Whip 2018 Eli Fonkararo, Gianmango Amarkarelli Kneeling in darkness. In fact, Sparke does not explain what happened and it's not about what his girlfriend can do to take that kind of action. "That is a stupid thing, the change in the past few weeks … (I do not know what his head knows)". Nevertheless, today hiding in wanting to talk to her. In the next few hours, you can take a decision to convince authors of the Channel 5 reality to merge into one meeting. The musicians in the room of Barbossa D'Urso's room reveal the continuity of their history, which he did not hide to hide his words from what he wanted to listen to, "I look forward to her to talk and understand with her".

Gianmarto Amacaralli, "Elia Fonkaro? I do not have it with him"

What motivated Jenny to betray Alexander Gianmango Amarkarelli at home Big Brothers Whip 2018? On Sunday afternoon, Sunday we sat down to talk more about the subject, but when the presenter told his guest about his honor, he did not "respect", asked him to explain what his boyfriend was. , And she has an idea, he gave no answer: "I do not know, I asked her what she keatukkatirunnatinal respect." If you say to me, and I sparsiccatukeantan twice on the subject, but I think you're a madman, I asukhamuntakumayirunnu to think about such a matter. "No Elia pheangeareaykketireyulala Avanuntayilla idvesavum. Not a child from his point of view, "he'd like to." "I avanuntayirunnilla – was revealed by Jane Alexander's lover – he has more tanneateappamalle.

"Crisis? Of course not"

Gianmango Amarkarelli One of the heroes of the new episode Big brother whip in 2018? After the recent statements made by James Alexander on Sunday, his boyfriend Peifife, his loyal bearer of helplessness, revealed his lucrative referee. He is certainly not an unexpected fraud, because in the early weeks of the original week, as the barbera D'Ursocci confirmed yesterday, the actor did nothing but talking about him. "He's been a shirt at me, he's always talking to me". In a pre-crisis crisis in their relationship, he responded to a permamer: "Not really, she did not tell me if she was in crisis." Both of them might think about the future, even before Alexander Giff's entrance into the residence of the couple.

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