Monday , July 26 2021

Kiss Meera Vannier and Renato Zero

"Today I'm dancing with my Ranatine". Red jacket and dark glasses Mar Vinier Dancing with Renato Zero On the notes of "that suis". And between the turnaround and the dance step, the carrier kissing in her study "Fabrizio Fryzy" in Rome.

Instagram La Vanneer announces a guest of honor of Kelly's episode with a video Sunday. Zero singer-songwriter and music director Vincento Incheonzo will present himself as the author of many successes of Zero. Incenzo, produced by her Roman singer-songwriter, will be taken from the album "Credo", in her latest single "Joe Suis".

But Zero Rai 1 will not be the only guest of the historic Sunday Broadcast, which will run tomorrow. There will also be Alessandra Martins Those who talk about their new life with their partner, French actor Cyril Dascors, will talk about pregnancy for 49 years, in 2012, the second born Hugo was born.

Leonardo Picaroni We will tell Mera between legends and skills about her life and career, and then come out in her new movie "Se Son Rose" theaters. Vanessa IncontradaOn the occasion of the "International Day Against Violence Against Women", the "our children" in the studio will interfere in presenting literature, which will soon come to Rai 1 with Georgio Pausi and see its leader.

Episode also discusses the rise in space in the discussion of age and pregnancy decline in old age. And May, 2016, in the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Sara de Pietrento's mother, Kans' assassination and the infant daughter Konceta Rakuyya, also in place.

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