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Laura Passini as Sharahah: The fourth Latin grammar

Laura Possini won the Laurear Grammy Awards, but this time won her the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Hussey listens, The Spanish version of the last album of the Romagna Singer Let me hear you, The special edition will be released in December. It is the first Italian artist to win in this category, the top ten in the list of the best-selling albums internationally. Latin American gramis went up by four. He achieved three successes for the best album, the Colombian singer Shakeera (who won seven Latin Villains). In 2005 he won the Grammy Award in the United States. He is the only Italian company in history.

In reproduction …

With the passion of the stage in Las Vegas, the enthusiastic singer thanked the Academy for the best of Latin music awards: "It is unclear who has been nominated and won after 25 years of occupation." I have my record, for the weak people, they give thanks to all the songs and traditional pop music. "" Thank you for those who believe in me and give thanks to Italy, "he added.

"My album can not find words to express my mood to get this award – he commented on the artist from Las Vegas – the celebration of my 25 year career celebrates me with this celebration if you're not ashamed to help me It. The success of respects, araksitarallatta, bahumanamillatta, and I want to respect everyone. The album is strong and others, please do not, we will never be who we are, who we want to be without fear, in my judgment of others, and producers and writers, in Europe and in the US and my manager OSes, thank you, my girls from the newspapers and the newspapers. It is not a problem in my life, I have to tell you what helps me. "

After 2005, Lara Poussini has led the fourth Latin Grammy life (Is ready), 2007 (I'll sing) And 2009 (Spring is known in advance) Best Female Pop Album. The translation of the Spanish Continue (s)In 2005, she won a Grammy Awards for Best Pop Album. & # 39; Best Display Popup Album Album & # 39; Best Male Pop Vocal Album & # 39; Best Pop Album & # 39; & # 39; Best Designer & # 39; The group & # 39; s group, along with a Duo or Group, increases the value of this new rural.

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