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LiLe offers simple, unnamed and free free tests in nine cities during the 2018 test.

The 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, celebrated in 1988, is celebrated in Lille on December 9 (the Italian League for AIDS Fight Against AIDS). Fast, unknown, and free trials were announced in nine Italian cities. November 23 to November 30.

A test week was promoted "HIV in Europe" It includes over 600 facts, associations and institutions, in more than forty-seventy European countries (as designed by the WHO). Test, Treatment, Prevention (Test-Therapy Prevention), one of the most important and most important international collections to protect public health is a test week 2013. The three basic functions are summarized to contain and defeat these infections.

With the goal of taking the initiative Encourages people to access tests and public institutions and services improve and enhance their accessibility opportunities. Today, water resources are on the surface of Europe as well as the major public health problems in the world when compared to these diseases. In our continent, including Italy, HIV virus is not known to have at least one HIV virus. Similarly, UNAIDS is considered globally. In addition, compared to the time that the virus contracted in our country, more than half the diagnosis may have a serious delay (The evening anchors), when the body is already compromised, since it is already in the AIDS state. This phenomenon is essential to social and health expenses, and when compromise with the anti-traumatic therapy (ART) delay, its compromise will increase the risk of epilepsy. Health and longevity exist for those who have found HIV and are not "well" for antiretroviral therapies.. Today, viruses in blood can not be reduced in current levels. HIV infected people are not transmitting this clinical status and retaining their viruses. Tasp is the principle of "as a prevention": General general pruning is an important factor when allowing rat treatment to destroy the viral load, because it prevents the infection of the infection. 100,000 people in our country treat 85% to 95% of HIV infections, so the virus is not affected, and therefore the epidemic. Most of the risk is due to the population that does not know the HIV infection.

Similar considerations like viral hepatitis. The World Health Organization (WHO), including Hepatitis B and C, is estimated to have 15 or 15 million people, respectively. Of these, only 3.5 per cent are receiving the necessary treatment options. There are innovative treatments that provide full recovery.

LeLL will sign a pilot week with the help of the test with anonymous and free HIV sessions in nine locations. Bari, Catania, Cagliari, Como, Lexus, Milan, Piedmont, Tuscany, Trento. HCV can also perform tests in all locations.

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