Tuesday , June 22 2021

Milan, who was crashing on the subway, is afraid of passengers

Do not be afraid of the subway in Milan: The red line from the Uruguay stop on the passage of some passengers who have been temporarily blocked or injured. A train.
A passenger does not fall 58-year-old girl, 118 men should be treated, perhaps, a disruptive foot. Ten people, including two children, were admitted to the hospital.

In reproduction …

"Breaking," explains A Note Athm, "The fact that an individual entered the home gallery was a result of a collapse in the ground line that was estimated to be 7.47." The entire line was cut off for 10 minutes until one was realized and terminated at the safety lorry.
The train which leaves Bonner M1 station is suddenly making a break through the security system of trains. This is only a few seconds after the service. He was asked to return to work after the company allegedly slapped 118 people in the place to relieve the people of the grievance.
Substitute buses have been established in the specified category.

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