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MODGPP, Valencia – Rossi: "The Next Seasonal Months". Lorenzo will be at the start


Moto GP, Valencia - Rossi:

Last Grand Prix in the season MotoGP in Valencia. World Champion Markus: "We want to win again, Nine seasons"Rossi:" It will be crucial to understand whether we are competing for the next few months. "It will be Pradroza's last race, George Lorenzo I'll give you this gift, I'll be on track. Pedrosa? The king will only stir up a fierce battle with him in Gerez in 2008".

Mark Marcus (Honda)
"We have come with great emotions, we have won the last race and it's essential to end in Malaysia, because I have always fought in the past, because we do not have weather forensics in Valencia, it's kind of sympathetic, we will try to approach the race on the best way to understand the track conditions, but we're ready." The Stiyil "Pedro's Danny? Danny, sharing many moments with him since 2013, when he was in my sahapathiyayirunnu. On and off the track, I have a new friend, we will always bahumanamullavarayirunnu. Characters who have different roles to each other on Monday. But I just want to focus on myself. On Monday, the 2019 season is longer Start. We'll take care of it from there. Why should my grade season? Onniccuparannu I was nine. I have always been very good to follow his progress and Miguel meatteagil plucked him. I am sure that it will do well. We do not think that the difference in meattearpejil weight limit. If I were Stan Lee super hero, who am I? I do not know. My strength is certainly a good attitude. Negative points do not affect me. Is there a moment to remember Pedrosah? Danny is not as people believe. I remember once in Japan, usually we celebrate karaoke wins, he was absolutely crazy, singing without a shirt. He is very shy in front of cameras, but he's a comedian. "

Valerino Rossi (Yamaha)
"It's a wonderful day where we've already started from Moto3 and where we have a Championship where Moto 2 is the first time the Emotions are so good, and it was the best carriage of the season, and I've been strong since the beginning, the joy ended, but the performance continues. We need to understand whether we are competitive in Valencia. It's one of the most difficult tracks, and weather issues can be problematic, but we're sure we're ready. We've made a bit faster and we're here too powerful. We have a lot of work in the winter, We need to understand whether we are more competitive for the next two or three months. What grade should you pay for the season? Seven. It was similar in 2017. Initially, we organized more matches and it was difficult to sustain. We fought a lot of races. It was very hard to maintain high density. Motorola Miguel Olivara is fast and fast, and it will do well. He knows how to succeed and that he can never make mistakes. Maybe he did not make a zero. He is always in control. If I'm a superhero? The turbo speed is connected to a strong point. The weakness is the superman, the cryptonit (laughs, ed). The last run of Pedroşa? We all fear when he arrived in 2006. He was a great adversary to me, and I remember the very hard wars. 2006 was the most intense in Braun. Danny would have won the World Championships, won over 50 and ranged in the MotoGP. I was hoping he would continue, but he did not want to. An important part of the departing modem. Do you remember him? One evening he won the Moto2 Championship on the Tito Rat. We are coming back from Malaysia. We came to see him as a party and we made a small party for victory. But he did not take his shirt. "

Alex Rins (Suzuki)
"We had to make some peadmukal strongly in the second part of a great season? At the beginning of the season, and honestly, this susukkiyil. We are very sthiratayullavarayirunnu to the performance of Misaki, and we think we have reached a good level, we are working on this. We have more in the beginning of the season, and the first part of the race, high takararukalillattatinal And when I'm on the pad or when I see I've completed a race in the first place, you do not want to end it, you can do three or four more for me – a season in my season? Say . "

Johann Sarko (Yamaha)
I was a bit relaxed for the long time, but I realized this feeling: I struggled shortly in the mid-season, where I had to fight for fifth place as the first independent driver, but I would have a bigger chance to go to my fifth place. 7 to 8. The next world Singing weight limit? For now, we think we are very good the existing rules, keep them. "

George Lorenzo (Ducati)
"This career is a major chapter of my career, and maybe even the rains will not help me to get back to my return, and I'm always the first person to prove something, and I've always believed that I could go on a bike anytime soon. Every competition It's hard to change the MotoGP bikes, one can win 10th in the second, three or 10th, this is only a time, I want to take the time, and I want to give my team the last gifted one Sunday – Vote in the season from 9 to half to half. Seven miguel miguel olivir in his age One of the best talantannalil rravum. He had good bikes, show more simplicity. In this section we'd like to have a Portuguese. Weight Dim? Meattearpil you will have the benefits or problems, depending on the situation you're in light or heavy. Do i like a Stan Lee super hero? I'll tell you. As a driver I have many weaknesses, but I can not tell myself particularly. Remember in Pedrosa? I have introduced him for years, I have two. Initially it was my reference point, and I remember a bad time in 2008 at Jerez. I wished to shake hands at the assembly but he did not want to do it, it was bad, it was very shameful. After the race, the king tried to shake hands, we did not look at each other. I've had fine moments with him. I remember a party in Gibernon's house, and we did a minimum race. He was speedy, and I went to a bad fall to recover it. He struggled because I was fighting for the championship. On the following days he sent me messages. From there he started a good relationship ».

Alvaro Bautista (Ducpa)
«The last grand prix at home in front of superbike? I feel that I could have more than twenty races, and finally we competed with the bike and the original bike. I'll try to end my career in the MotoGP season I'm trying to enjoy with my colleagues, my fans and my staff. Although I do not offer the weather well, I want to keep a good memory of the motocross. Can i pick up the best moments? I have beautiful memories like the 125 cc world championship or get a motorcycle pad. But worse moments are important, and you learn a lot from that. I enjoy every moment, there is nothing special to remember. What grade should I give in my season? I will say eight times that I always responded to the difficult moments of this season. What if I come back after winning the Superbike? I do not think about it, I want the season to end, and then we will see ».

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